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What's Your Roller Skate Story?

Real Skate Stories - What's Your Roller Skate Story?

Seeking Information on Chicago Roller Derby History


If you have any articles, images or memories of roller derby history, particularly Chicago roller derby history, please share. For as huge as it was in its heyday, I’m having challenges finding information.

I did get a few responses to a previous article about roller derby in Chicago but I need more. All help is appreciated.

FYI – I haven’t given up on my site or my roller skating research. My attention is now on selling my book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, which was published in January 2015. If you are a blogger or know other bloggers, be sure to purchase a copy when you get a chance.

As for my roller skating book, I have a goal completion date of 2015 but I need help with the research. If you know of any grants or sponsorship opportunities, please let me know.

Image: Bellasarah

Happy New Year Roller Skaters


Happy 2015, roller skaters!

Ok, y’all. It’s that time. I started this site to collect stories, memories and images of roller skating history for a book I’m writing. I will be completing the book this year.

Even though my focus is on Chicago at this time, I am still collecting stories and memories from other states.

Also, I will continue to post every other Thursday.

While I can do this on my own, it would be easier with help. Here are things I need to move my project forward more quickly:

  • E-mail any articles, individual stories or images you find about Chicago rolling skaters, roller rinks or roller skates to msmarcie [at] Put “Roller Skate Discovery” in the subject line.
  • Send people to this site to share their stories on the site.
  • Research volunteers needed. While I can’t pay you for your time right now, it will be compensated.
  • Money is needed to pay researchers and interviewers, so donations and introductions to sponsors and investors are appreciated

Thank you for your support.