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What's Your Roller Skate Story?

Real Skate Stories - What's Your Roller Skate Story?

On Blogcation – Will Retun in August


I am taking a break and will not be blogging in July unless

  1. I have information I want to share;
  2. there is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed; or
  3. something so amazing happens that it cannot be ignored.

I may or may not respond to comments and e-mails; know that I am not ignoring you.


Diversity in Blogging and Social Media – Tuesday, July 30, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
I will be speaking how different groups use and interact on social media and blogs
Technology for Women Meetup
West Monroe Partners – 222 W. Adams

3rd Annual Writer’s Block Party – Saturday, August 16, 2014 -  1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
I will be a panelist discussing tools and strategies on how to promote your book.
Gail Borden Public Library  -  270 N. Grove Avenue in Elgin, IL

I will return sometime in August. Until we meet again, have a wonderful and safe summer.



Where Are the Roller Skate DJs?


Roller skating is fun but it would not be as fun without music. Good music makes for a good session; great music makes for an amazing session. Neither is possible without the talent and passion of DJs.

What is a good DJ?

From my experience, a good DJ knows what to play, when to play and how to play it. Skaters should be able to tell when the format is changing from all skate to backward skate to couple skate by the transition of the music.

There is nothing better than a DJ who feels what he or she is doing – literally and figuratively.

If you are a roller skate DJ, I’d like to hear from you. Share your experience in the comment section below. Specifically, let us know

  • How you got started
  • Who helped you get started
  • Why you chose to be a DJ
  • At which rink(s) you worked
  • How long you’ve been doing it
  • Anything else you’d like to share

If you are not a DJ, but have a favorite one, let us know who it is, where they DJ and why you like them.

It doesn’t matter in which state or country this person is located. We need to give credit where credit is due. And my site is the best place to do it.

Calling Roller Skaters from New York

Empire Roller Skating Center - New York

I know that skating was one of the hottest things to do in New York, and I”m calling on skaters from all cities to share their roller skating memories.

I’ll be honest. There are three things that I know about roller skating in NY, and please correct me if I’m wrong.

1. It is home to roller skating legend, Bill Butler;

2. Roller disco originated at the Empire Roller Skating Center; and

3. Even though many of the rinks are closed, the love of skating persists.

So, roller skaters from New York, if you care to share your memories, I’d love to read them.

Please include the years you skated; the city; the name of the rink; the type of skating; and anything else you can recall. Also, please share any pictures you have.

Thank you!