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What's Your Roller Skate Story?

Real Skate Stories - What's Your Roller Skate Story?

What Are Your Favorite Roller Skating Sites?

While conducting my roller skating research, I have run across many sites of people who love roller skating. Here are some of the sites I found.

Skatelog – This seems to be THE roller skating authority site

Skate Groove

Skate Grove – This site has a huge directory of roller skating resources and a directory of rinks

Roller Skating Association

Roller Skating Association

National Museum of Roller Skating

The National Museum of Roller Skating


Rinktime – has a directory of roller rinks

Legacy - Treasures of Black History

Legacy: Treasures of Black History – Howard University


These are the only sites I have so far? What other roller skating sites do you frequent? Share them in the comment box below.


Calling All Detroit Roller Skaters

Do you roller skate at Northland Roller Rink, Detroit Roller Wheels or Royal Skateland?

Did you roller skate at some of the earlier rinks in Detroit?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then your memories and stories are needed. Please your name, name of rink, rink owner, and anything else you can remember in the comment box below.

Northland Roller Rink - Detroit Michigan


Detroit Roller Wheels - Detroit Michigan


Royal Skateland - Detroit Michigan


Did You Roller Skate in Alaska?

Alaska Postcard

Yes, there was roller skating in Alaska. Don’t know if there still is.

I met a gentleman a couple years ago who said that he roller skated years ago when he was in the military. I was in awe because I thought they only had cold weather, dog sleds and other images shown on TV.

Anyway, if you or anyone you know used to roller skate in Alaska, please share your memories in the comment section below.

Responses to the following questions are needed:

  1. In which city did you skate?
  2. Approximate years?
  3. Name of roller rink(s)?
  4. How old were you when you roller skated?
  5. About how long did you skate?
  6. Who were some of the better skaters?
  7. Who owned the rink?
  8. What is your favorite memory?

Your support for my project is GREATLY appreciated.


Looking for Gary Roller Skaters Who Lived in Indiana

Gary, Indiana

I need stories and memories from our roller skating neighbors in Gary, Indiana. I know that people from Chicago used to go to Indiana to skate, but I want to hear from people who lived and skated in Gary.

If your roller skated at any of the following rinks, please share your memories in the comment box below.

  1. Screamin’ Wheels
  2. Tri-City
  3. Barbara’s Playhouse
  4. Regina’s

A Little Indiana Roller Skating History

The Silver Rollerway was the earliest roller rink I found in Gary. It was opened in 1935 on North Avenue and River Road by Steve and Verlin Seipp.

Also, Regina’s, Barbara’s Playhouse and Screamin’ Wheels were all black-owned roller rinks.

Many Thanks

Many thanks to Calvin for being a HUGE supporter of my roller skating research and sharing his time, knowledge and old pluggers and flyers with me.

Were you a resident of Indiana who roller skated in Indiana?

Also, what are the names of other rinks where you skated?

Please share your memories in the comment section below.




Did You Roller Skate at Your School?

Englewood High School Chicago

Englewood High School Chicago

My mother said that Englewood High School in Chicago opened their doors to the community for roller skating on Friday nights in the 70s.

I also learned that a lot of people roller skated at Catholic schools. Here are the more popular ones mentioned during my roller skating interviews:

  • St. Anslem
  • Our Lady of the Gardens
  • Visitation
  • St. Sabina
  • St. Bernard
  • St. Martin
  • St. Rapheal
  • St. Killian
  • St. Agatha
  • Holy Angels

Did you roller skate at your school? Do you know of other schools that did the same? If so,  please provide the following information in the comment section below:

Name of School


City and State

The approximate year

The day of the week you skated

The cost to get in

The type of music played

Names of the popular skaters

Names of the managers or owners

Did they allow the community to skate or was it open to students only?