Do you or did you roller skate? I mean, quad skates (like the one in the logo). If you answered yes , this site is for you.

Even if you didn’t skate but went to roller rinks for fun, it’s for you, too.

If you have any memories of roller skating, please share them on Real Skate Stories. Or, feel free to contact Marcie Hill if you have any questions.

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  1. John Knight

    I happened on your page by accident tonight as I was looking for friend from the past who was a roller skating partner of mine. I am pleased you are taking the time to do this. A few years ago I planned to do something similar but do to an accident, no pity please my plans were put on hold. God works in mysterious ways and after my spinal operation this July I will during my rehab I will bombard you with a variety of real stories about rink owners, the R.S.R.O.A., competitive skating here and in Europe over a 27 year period. Then the pro side the original roller derby having skated with the New York Chiefs, we made many appearances at the old Chicago Ampatheater (if it still exists). So feel free to question a bit by e-mail and I will answer as I can, otherwise until the surgery I send you short items. Thanks for remembering this was and is fun and family first for those of us on quads. JK

    1. Ms. Marcie Post author

      Hi John, I e-mailed you but I wanted to thank you for sharing your memories with me. Any assistance you provide will be greatly appreciated. Also, what is your friend’s name? I can post that you are looking for him or her on the site. Take care and talk soon.


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