Did You Skate at Oak Lawn Roller Rink?

By | January 2, 2018

Oak Lawn Roller Rink was a popular rink where Chicagoans skated for over 40 years. It was located on 9121 S. Cicero in a segregated city on the southwest side of Chicago.

The rink opened in the early 1950s (I don’t have the exact date); was hit by a devastating tornado on April 21, 1967; and closed on July 21, 1995. That’s a summary of the information I found. If you can add to this history, please share.

I’m sure there are tons of stories and memories about this rink. Read the memories of Oak Lawn Rink Rats on Facebook and former skaters on Forgotten Chicago. Be sure to share yours in the comment box below.

Image credit: Craig’s Lost Chicago

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