Real Skate Stories is STILL Active

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I’m still here and Real Skate Stories is still active. I haven’t been posting because I’m a team of one, although I truly appreciate everyone sharing their stories and memories during my absence. What’s Keeping Me Busy? Working on writing projects, promoting my blogging book through… Read More »

Chicago Roller Skating History Presentations

Happy 2016 all! I know I’m waaaaay behind on this site but there’s a good reason for it. I have been compiling my roller skating information and conducting more research to complete my roller book this year. I started researching in 2009 and I’m ready to bring this baby full circle. In the meantime, though,… Read More »

Roll Down Memory Lane on Craig’s Lost Chicago

While looking for a particular roller rink in Chicago, I happened upon Craig’s Lost Chicago. Included in his gone but not forgotten places of amusement in this city, there were quite a few pictures of roller skating rinks and rink stickers. Visit the Craig’s Lost Chicago to go roll memory lane.   Images: Craig’s Lost… Read More »

Seeking Information on Chicago Roller Derby History

If you have any articles, images or memories of roller derby history, particularly Chicago roller derby history, please share. For as huge as it was in its heyday, I’m having challenges finding information. I did get a few responses to a previous article about roller derby in Chicago but I need more. All help is… Read More »

Happy New Year Roller Skaters

Happy 2015, roller skaters! Ok, y’all. It’s that time. I started this site to collect stories, memories and images of roller skating history for a book I’m writing. I will be completing the book this year. Even though my focus is on Chicago at this time, I am still collecting stories and memories from other… Read More »