Where are the Black People In Roller Skating?

I was checking out roller skating books at Harold Washington Library, and there were very few black people in the few books I found.  Bill Butler’s book is the only book that featured black people.  Bill is black, by the way. The few books that did highlight black people showed them in the 1970s during… Read More »

Roller Skating History Book Update

I just sent my documents for copywriting. So excited! Now, it’s time to find out history writing grants to make some things happen. I already reached out to one recommended source. I’m going to reach out to two more today. Thank God for the knowledge to find resources!

What the Hell is Hip Hop Skate???

While watching WGN news this morning, they showed two young white men at the Orbit Skate Center in Palatine doing “Hip Hop Skate.”  Well, I was offended as a journalist and skater for two reasons: 1. What the hell is hip hop skate??  It was JB skating! 2. It is my understanding that JB style… Read More »

Rich City Skate: The Upscale Place to Skate

Rich City Skate, located at 4648 Sauk Trail in Richton Park, Illinois, is known for its upscale environment, JB skating, and top notch skating floor.  Several skaters have attested to them having the best skating floor in the Chicagoland area. Owned and managed by the Alexander family, the rink is a dream come true –… Read More »

Seeking Chicago Roller Skaters 50 Years Old and Older

I am seeking roller skaters 50 years old and older who have their roots in Chicago.  Actually, I don’t care which state you’re from as long as you can give me roller skating history and your own personal story.  Any stories, photos or other memorabilia would be appreciated. Please call me at 877.570.5228 to schedule… Read More »