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Rich City Skate: The Upscale Place to Skate

Rich City Skate, located at 4648 Sauk Trail in Richton Park, Illinois, is known for its upscale environment, JB skating, and top notch skating floor.  Several skaters have attested to them having the best skating floor in the Chicagoland area. Owned and managed by the Alexander family, the rink is a dream come true –… Read More »

Markham Roller Rink Celebrates 35 Years in Business

Markham Roller Rink (Markham) has been a source of fun and entertainment for African Americans for over 35 years. Opened on January 31, 1974, this family-run business, located at 16630 S. Dixie Highway in Markham, Illinois, has “survived presidents, corporations, competition, recessions, and many depressions,” says co-owner Steve Miller. Therefore, the staying power of this… Read More »