Terms of Use

I fully support the efforts of Real Skate Stories in the collection of individual stories, photos, videos, audio and all other memories relating to roller skating history.  As such, I hereby consent and agree:

  • To share photographs, recorded videos, recorded audio, and/or interviews with no expectation of payment or royalties.
  • To allow the use of any publications, photographs, video recordings, audio recordings or other media in my possession with no expectation of payment or royalties.
  • To the use of any creative works generated and/or authored by me on the Internet, CD or any other print, electronic or digital media with no expectation of payment or royalties.
  • To release and hold the owner of Real Skate Stories, partners, trustees, affiliates, agents, contractors, volunteers or any other ventures from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, complaints, suits or other forms of liability that shall arise out of or by reason of, be caused by the use of my works, photographs, likeness or voice on television, radio, media, motion pictures, in the print medium, on the Internet or any other electronic or digital medium.
  • That no payment or royalties will become due to me, my heirs, agents or assignees at any time because of my participation in any capacity with Real Skate Stories.

I understand that

  • This data may be used for purposes such as print, radio, public media, websites, marketing, promotions, publicity, merchandising, advertisements or other related circumstances.
  • My personal information will NOT be shared in any capacity, and will be kept confidential.
  • Any information I provide on Real Skate Stories will not be used without my written authorization.

Call Marcie Hill at Real Skate Stories at (312) 890-2261 or e-mail her at msmarcie@realskatestories.com with any questions about these terms & conditions.

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