Video Your Skate Story

Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge in the comment box below. You will need to print out the questions before video recording.  I realize that some of the information escapes you at this time which is okay.  Do you what you can with what you have. And please read the Terms of Use prior to recording your story.

About You

  • Name
  • Roller skating nickname
  • Age – For example: “I’m in my 50s.”

Your Skate Memories

  • Name and states of the rinks where you skated
  • Approximately how old were you when you skated?
  • During which years did you skate?
  • Do you still skate? Where?
  • Why did you start skating?
  • Where did you learn to skate? Who taught you how to skate?
  • How would you rank your skating skills? Competitor, Really Good, Ok, Skated for fun, cleaned the floor
  • Did you have a skate partner?
  • What style of skating did you do? Freestyle/Dancing/JB/Disco/I don’t know. I just skated
  • What did you wear?
  • Who were some of the more popular skaters you remember?
  • Did you enter any competitions – formal or informal?
  • Where did you buy your roller skates?
  • Were you a member of any skate clubs? If so, the name of club and name/state of rink.
  • Do you still keep in touch with members of the clubs?
  • Do you remember any of the organists or DJs?
  • What are some of your favorite skating memories?
  • Have you experienced or witnessed any racism in skating?
  • Do you have any photos/videos/articles you are willing to share with me?
  • Are they any roller skating resources you can direct me to? Websites/books/images/videos/comic books/advertisements/catalogs/articles

Additional Questions

Who referred you to the site?

May we add you to our mailing list to keep you up to date with developments at real skate stories?

Do you have any questions for me?  Contact me.





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