Write Your Skate Story

It will take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete this form depending on how much information you are willing to share and your typing skills. Thank you for time!

  • Provide the rink name(s) and state(s) and the names of the owners of those rinks.
  • Was it formal or informal? Where was it held (name and state of rink)? How did you place?
  • Provide the names of the clubs, rinks (name and state), and any members you can recall.
  • Give the name of the organist or DJ and the name and state of the rink.
    I would like to make arrangements to get photos, videos, articles, etc. with you.

2 thoughts on “Write Your Skate Story

  1. Hi there, its nice to see someone that loves quads, its like a dieing breed. I had come across you website by complete accident because I was looking for some information about my birth father and I found his name mentioned in one of your stories. I’m going to talk to my mother to see if she would remember anyone from the time and I’ll get back to you. My birth fathers’ name is Ted Dettloff and he was mentioned in a story that a Tina M Arroyo wrote back on March 2 2012. If these are the same people that my mom would have known then that would be really wierd for me, but also if these are the same and right people, I would regret to say that Ted Dettloff past away back in the mid-80’s. Since then, I was adapted and had changed last name.

    • Hi Ted, I’m sorry to hear that Ted has passed. Did you have any other information about Ted or Michael? I googled Teds name and came across this reply, I am so sorry I hadnt seen it any sooner. Sadly, I am not any closer to finding the person I was looking for. Please contact me, thank you. In the mean time, I will be searching for you on Facebook. Hopefully you are on .

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